Gift Card/Scrip Program
Along with our other fundraising events, we also have the Gift Card/Scrip Program.    Participating vendors sell the gift cards to CEF at a discount.  CEF then sells the cards at face value making money from the difference.  Each vendor sets its own discount amount which can be anywhere from 1$ on up.
This is a great way to reimburse your final tuition payment or help out a teacher at Flaget or Rivet without spending any extra money.  The reimbursement is based on a 60/40 split of the total profit made on your yearly Gift Card purchases.  40% of the profit earned by buying Gift Cards/Scrip will go towards your family’s tuition or a teacher’s classroom account; 60% will go towards CEF’s monthly obligation to the schools.  Whatever you earn in a year will be credited to the account in June.  The percentage that is earned will vary according to the percent profit from the vendor gift certificates you purchase.  The bigger percentage, the bigger the dollar amount you will receive.  NO MINIMUM, NO LIMIT.

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